Alpha Team
The Team


Our 2020 series will be hosted by David & Theresa Soan.


Our coming Alpha course will be run by a team of:

  • Maris O’Brien

  • David & Theresa Soan

  • Veronica Massey

  • Michael & Gill Luckie

  • John & Anne Milward

Maris will be organising the catering and the sorting who will attend which groups.


The Location

  • The sessions run in a parishioner's home, to provide a warm welcoming setting.


  • Home-based Alphas are the original model, c.f. Nicky Gumbel: 'Alpha is friends inviting friends'.






  • We also run a shorter Alpha with our First Holy Communion parents, i.e the first 5 sessions (the core part of Alpha).

Our History


  • Our first Alpha course in 2018 was in the parish hall, and was attended by 50 people.  We are now running Alpha in homes to fit a model of small frequent courses.