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The Bible Timeline

Spring 2017 we ran the popular 8 week Bible Timeline course 


This highly accessible program has been devised by the Scripture scholar Jeff Cavins and we used the DVDs, wall charts, and workbooks that his course offers.  Each evening session took a little over an hour, with a 30 DVD minute presentation followed by a study workshop. 

The Bible Timeline aims to introduce the over-arching plan of God that runs through the history recorded in the Bible.  To do this in just 8 weeks it focuses on key events and stages in the history of the Children of Israel:  How God made them His Chosen People and used them to prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah who would be the saviour of all peoples, races, and nations for all time.   

The stages the course runs through are:  Creation, the Patriarchs, the Exodus, the desert wanderings, the conquest of the Promised Land, the Kingdom, the Divided Kingdom and the turning of God’s people away from Him, the Exile of the Chosen People in Babylon, the Return to the Promised Land, the Maccabean Revolt, the Messianic Fulfilment, and the founding of the Church by Christ as His spotless bride and the end goal of salvation history.  The course’s focus on key events and stages is a focus on the ‘narrative’, i.e. the ‘story’ that connects the Bible together as whole –this is an ancient method used by saints and scholars down the centuries and is sometimes called the ‘canonical’ approach to Scripture in that it views the parts of Scripture in the light of the whole ‘canon’.  


  1. It Simplifies the Bible by focusing on fourteen narrative books that tell the story of Scripture, from beginning to end.

  2. It Divides the Story into twelve time periods that act like chapters in salvation history.

  3. It ties all of Scripture together by following God’s “family plan” from Adam and Eve to Christ and the Church.

  4. It makes it Easy to Remember by color-coding each of the time periods.





More information can be seen online here