I realise that some of you still need to observe extreme self-isolation.  But for those of you able to get out and shop, exercise etc:

Confessions are being heard, outdoors, with social distancing.  We'll be achieving this in West Moors as below:



The priest is available for confession, Saturdays 10-10.10am, or as long as penitents are waiting.



The priest is outside, in the open air, waiting under the porch in front of the presbytery.  

Please stand 6 feet away from him as you confess, for social distancing.  


If you need to sit down, There will be a chair for you to sit on.  The priest will sanitise the plastic chair when you leave with wipes, but it will be even safer if you're able to confess standing up.


If you’re waiting in line, please wait near the front of the church, so that you don’t overhear, but where you can see if the priest is free or not, 

and if you’re queuing with others then keep 6 feet between each of you.

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