Confirmation Preparation

Our last Confirmation Preparation programme was 2018-19 and we usually run a formation course every 2-3 years. 

Youth Group (see here): For other youth (before confirmation, and after it), the youth group meets on the 3rd Friday of each month.  The meetings combine social activities and formation.

Our catechists are:

Anne & John Milward;

Andrew & Aimee O'Neill.

We are a delighted that Andrew & Aimee have recently joined as a young new couple.  Andrew introduced LifeTeen in South Africa. 

Who can be Confirmed?
  • Those age 14-15 (year 10 in school) or older.  We are focusing on this age so that we can use material from two fantastic new programmes: 'Transformed in Christ' and 'Chosen'.

  • Those wanting to follow Christ and already manifesting this by weekly attendance at Sunday Mass.

  • Those able to take part in the formation, 24 sessions spread out across the school year (September-May).  This is a significant commitment of time and energy, even more than that involved in committing yourself to a school sports programme etc, and indicates that this is a major step in your life. 

Resources - Videos

We're using materials from:

(1) The acclaimed 'Transformed in Christ' programme which offers many interactive teaching and prayer elements;

(2) Films from the 'Chosen' Confirmation programme -a dynamic video series using exciting top-rated speakers.  Click here for more info.


Here are two examples of the YouTube links used:

Child Einstein refuting argument that God is evil

Kalam Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God