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Fr Stephen Wang's "Pause for Faith" here

Mission Made Possible 

The Diocesan Evangelisation Vicariate says:

You are invited to learn from your home, how to have conversations about faith, with  friends, family or in everyday encounters that don’t make you or anyone else feel awkward.

Join disciples across the globe who are learning together to spread the Good News.

To begin, register your interest to be part of this great mission at and 

click on this link  to watch the 40 minute overview.

'Year of the Word' talks: Online

In the light of the current crisis, the Diocesan teaching tour has now been shifted online, with video recordings of the talks given at St Austell available below:

 1. How Catholics read the Bible here

 2. Christ in the Old Testament here

 3. The Fulfillment of the Covenant in the New here

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