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Autumn 2019:

Discipleship Course

T his Autumn our parish is using the 'Next Steps' discipleship groups materials from the Rebuilt Parish Association. 


These groups will aim to:

(1) Offer formation in discipleship, so that we might learn how to follow the Lord better, and learn this together;

(2) Build small group communities, to help us be a community of communities, supporting each other and building each other up.


We will meet weekly, Thursday evenings 7.30pm in the hall, with tea and cake from 7.15pm.  There will also be a group Thursday mornings in the committee room (for those who don't like coming out in the dark.)


The evening format will be:

7.15pm Tea and Cake, gathering in groups around tables;

7.30pm Watch a 20-minute film on as aspect of discipleship;

7.50pm Discuss the film, going through some related questions.

8.30pm Close in prayer.



The first 2 evenings will introduce the theme, each evening having a 30-minute talk by Fr Dylan followed by group discussion: 

(1)    What is a Disciple?   October 3rd  -you can listen here

(2)    Making Disciples   October 10th  -you can listen here


The next 6 evenings will each have a 20-minute video talk by Fr Michael White of ‘Rebuilt’ followed by discussion questions.  (These are available free as part of the Rebuilt 'sample resources'.):

(3)    S.T.E.P.S. Intro   October 17th  -download the video here

(4)    Practice (STEPS 2)   October 24th                         here 

(5)    Serve (STEPS 3)   October 31st                            here

(6)    Engage (STEPS 4)   November 7th                        here

(7)    Tithe (STEPS 5)   November 14th                          here

(8)    Share (STEPS 6)   November 21st                         here





  • The films and discussion questions will use the 'Next STEPS' discipleship materials from the Rebuilt Parish Association.  Our parish enrolled as a 'Rebuilt' parish this summer.

  • You can subscribe to 'Worship Fully' a daily devotional email to help you pray by going to www.churchnativity.com/prayer/ and entering your email.  Click here 


Group leaders (paired):

Deacon Jim Brennan & John Sinclair

Maris O'Brien & David/Theresa Soan

Emma Brookes & Fiona Martch

Mia Knight & Veronica Massey




If there is a good take up with this then we aim to make this an on-going part of our parish life.