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Do you want to know more about becoming a Catholic?

We run various courses for those who would like to know more about Jesus Christ and about what it means to follow Him in the Church He founded.  See our 'Events' section and/or contact our parish priest, Fr Dylan

If you're interested in a simple, attractive, and readable book then we'd recommend  Waking Up Catholic

A recent and recommended book is 'Love Unveiled' by Dr Edward Sri that is both easily understood and comprehensive in scope. Our parish enquirers group is reading through this great book.  It's based on the Symbolon film series we're using in our parish Autumn 2018

Another popular book is Catholicism by Bishop Robert Barron which is also based on a film series  

Catholics Come Home is a great website with a large topical issues section 


Catholic Answers is a similar website designed for enquirers 

There is also a wide range of free videos available online available, we'd particularly recommend:

  • Bishop Robert Barron available here

  • Catholic Answers here