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Dates of First Holy Communion Session 2019-20​

with videos for parents


A GoogleDrive folder with all the video files, listed in order, is here


(1) Oct 6th: First Session: Teaching Your Children to Pray, talk by Fr Dylan 

(2) Oct 13th, Alpha: Who is Jesus? 

(3) Oct 20th, Alpha: Why did Jesus Die? 

(4) Nov 17th, Alpha: How can I have Faith? 

(5) Nov 24th, Alpha: Why and How do I Pray?

(6) Dec 1st, Alpha: How and Why should I read the Bible? 

(7) Dec 8th, Alpha: How does God Guide us?

(8) Jan 12th           Confession Talk by Fr Dylan 

while children do: Getting ready for your First Confession 

(9) Jan 19th           Confession video (from ‘Chosen’, total 20mins)

Jan 25th is First Confessions

(10) Feb 2nd           Film: Fr Stan Fortuna -Amazing Gift -An Instructional Mass

(11) Feb 9th            Lent Talk by Fr Dylan 

Wed Feb 26th is Ash Wednesday 

(12) March 1st        Film: Robert Barron- Walk through the Mass (first 28mins), up to end of Intro Rites

while children do: Jesus is the Bread of Life

(13) March 8th        Film: Robert Barron- Walk through the Mass (last 30mins), Liturgy of the Word onwards

while children do: Jesus at the Last Supper

(14) March 15th      Talk by FrDylan: On the Sacraments

while children do ‘Jesus dies on the Cross for us’

March 21st Second Confessions

            April 12th Easter

(15) April 26th         Film: Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? 25mins

             while children do: ‘Jesus Rises from the Dead’

(16) May 3rd            Talk by FrDylan: On the Real Presence ​

while children do ‘We go to Mass’

(17) May 17th          Film: Real Presence 23mins (3 YouTube clips: an apologist, a young woman & Robert Barron)

while children do ‘Jesus is really present’

(18) June 7th           Last session: Talk by Fr Dylan: What next? 

June 13th, Saturday  FHC Practice & Confessions

June 14th         First Holy Communion Sunday & Corpus Christi Procession