Parish Finance Committee
Who we are

The following serve on our Finance and Fabric Committee: 


David Soan


Miriam McKenna 

Gift Aid Organiser:

Mary Carlson 

Property Manager:

Alex Wells

Hall Manager:

John Milward


Nicola Shaw


In addition, Rodger Bending is the parish Cashier, though not on the finance committee itself.

What is a Finance & Fabric Committee?

According to canon law, the temporal and spiritual goods of a parish are entrusted to the jurisdiction of the Parish Priest. The Parish Priest is required to have a finance committee that he consults in determining how the parish finances are to be administered. The committee is consultative rather than deliberative and thus the Parish Priest attends its meetings to hear its advice, rather than chairs the committee as a part of it.  


As the title of the new committee indicates, it does not relate to general matters of pastoral care and will be distinct from other consultative bodies that Fr Dylan wishes to gradually establish, such as our Parish Leadership Team.