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Re-opening Plans and Team

We are now assembling a team to help plan the re-opening of the church.

The reopening will probably occur in at least two stages, described here as plan A and B.

The details of these two proposed plans are being amended as we process suggestions and thoughts.  The links below will be continually updated to reflect the most recent version of the plans, and there is also a link indicating suggestions:


Plan A, see here, is for the first phase, when the church is re-opened for private prayer, but we still don't have public Mass. 


Plan B, see here, is for the second phase, when we have public Mass again, but need social distancing in the church. The tentative date the government has proposed for this is July 4th. 

Suggestions under consideration etc are here

The Reopening Team is:





David S.

[Fiona to be a steward, but not in the planning team.]

In addition, the following will join when the government self-isolation advice changes:


Anne M.


We very much need more members for the team, and more people to act as welcomers and stewards when we reopen -prelockdown almost all our welcomers and stewards were over-70 and we can't have them on the frontline when we reopen.

Can you volunteer for:

(1) Being part of a planning team and/or action team? 

(2) Designing and ordering stickers/signs to go on pews to indicate socially-distanced spots?  Such markers need to not damage the wood varnish.  The markers also need to stay in place for a few months.

(3) Being a cleaner.  Many of our regular cleaners are self-isolating.

Note: We have a very large church, and even with 2m intervals we can seat 50 people, and side aisles for movement make social distancing easier than in other churches, so we should be able to make this work more easily than elsewhere.


It may be that Fr Dylan has left the parish (see here) before we are at Plan B, so we need parishioners to be ready to assist a new priest or assist a temporary priest.


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